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Registering and RSVPing

We are SO glad that you are interested in MOPS Winter Garden or have already registered. Either way, this post is meant to guide you through Registering and RSVPing on our website.


Registering for MOPS is a two step process.

  1. We want to know more about you. Please fill out this form on Google docs.

  2. Next pay your dues. These dues go to MOPS International so that they are able to provide us with all of the good stuff as well as help with their ministries. The local dues portion goes to items like, supplemental food at meetings, crafts, speakers and more. MOPS Fees for Aug - May are $85.00 and they include $31.95 for MOPS International dues, $55 for yearly local dues. You can pay your dues here.


It is important to RSVP to each meeting and event. This way we can save a seat for you and know how many are available for new guests and guests from the other location. All of the meetings and events are located on our main page.

1. Click RSVP

2. When you scroll down on the next page you will be able to see what table you are assigned to. There will be 3 table assignments throughout the year to create more community.

It would be a good idea to RSVP to a few meetings at once and not all in advance, as table assignments will change twice.

3. Scroll Up - Click RSVP again and Select Your Seat at YOUR Table. You will note that there are Guest spots at each table. We always want to save a seat for any mamas visiting us from the other location or first time visitors.

4. Next click CHECK OUT and add your details. Easy as pie.

Please always email if you have any questions.

Cannot wait to save a seat for you!

Join us...because life is better together!

Thanks for submitting!

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